String ensemble of a special kind

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A constant urge to form a music group capable of achieving artistic recognition for the zither drove the zither-soloist Wilfried Scharf to think that the harp and the guitar were most suitable to help create the sound he envisaged.

Thinking of a string ensemble you usually think of folk music. But the SALZBURGER SAITENKLANG demonstrates, that their instruments have much more possibilities. With adaptations of classical and modern pieces they show the wide range of their repertoire and have thus enthralled audiences all over the world.




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Wilfried Scharf

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Wilfried Scharf/Zither
has run the zither class at the Anton Bruckner Private University since 1989. In 1986 he joined the "Innviertler Künstlergilde". As a soloist and leader of the renowed ensemble SALZBURGER SAITENKLANG he has gained international reputation.

His musical range extends from folk music to classical pieces through to contemporary instrumental music.

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Roswitha Steindl

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Roswitha Steindl/Gitarre

studied "zither" as a main subject at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz under Prof. Wilfried Scharf and "guitar" with Marianne Waidhofer.

Apart from chamber music activities, she also heads the Choir AMANTES and teaches zither, dulcimer and guitar at some music schools.                                   

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Sabine Kraus

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Sabine Kraus/Harfe

began taking harp-lessons at the music-school of Salzburg at the age of 8.

When she was 13 years old she continued her studies at the University MOZARTEUM in Salzburg under Prof. Marianne Oberascher and Prof. Edward Witsenburg.


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